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About Us

About Us

Ravikant Ragit Prashaskiya Mahavidyalaya is affiliated to Kavikulguru Kalidas Sanskrit University Ramtek. The college was formally opened on 18th July 2001.

The implicit goal of the college is to cater to the needs of rural students and thus contribute to the national development of composite culture; and by developing modern and traditional knowledge and culture.

The college has adequate well enabled classrooms, multipurpose hall, reading rooms, well equipped library, well maintained playground, etc. which gives conducive and encouraging ambience to the students and faculty.

Aur insistence is to facilitate the holistic development and progression of students inculcating desirable value system in the background of social, economic, environmental and local conditions; and wish to inculcate the core values like truth righteousness, corporation, mutual understanding, service to the nation, etc. among the students.

The college offers BA civil services degree in various subjects under the faculty of Humanities.

The institution is committed to the national unity and integrity and his paving its way to become an institute of excellence so as to have the poor, the needy and unprivileged.

Our Vision

To provide excellent academic orientation to the learners coming from the rural areas so as to make them useful citizens of the nation.

Our Mission

To develop professional attitude and competent learners in the chosen areas of learning.


  1. To provide platform that encourage to learn and to think innovative

  2. To promote individual dignity, respect diversity and peace.

  3. To cultivate atmosphere of intellectual discipline.

  4. To develop students to compete in the examination like MPSC, UPSC, Banking, etc.

  5. To foster scientific outlook among students.

  6. To impart knowledge that will not only help them to encounter real life situation but also give them conducive atmosphere so as to get proper employment or prepare them as future entrepreneurs.

  7. To inculcate moral values and social responsibility.

  8. To provide quality education, equip them with analytical insight, intellectual maturity, strength of purpose (motivation) and willingness to work hard conforming to ethical the values.

  9. To bridge the gap between the rural-urban divide taking the benefits of education to the poor and marginalized aiming for empowerment